An annual membership for just $200, provides you with the following benefits:

  • NSW Chamber of Commerce Alliance Program benefits (Access to a range of Business Services)
  • First entry Opportunity to major functions and promotional opportunities
  • Discounted Access to TBEG Paid Events, Information Nights and Seminars
  • Networking Functions & Connection Events
  • Staying connected and in touch with what's going on.



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    Why Choose Us?

    The TEMORA BUSINESS ENTERPRISE GROUP (TBEG) is made up of local business people working together for the benefit of the local & regional business economy. Membership provides you with a range of benefits and enables you to have your voice heard and keep you across latest developments and opportunities.

    We like to foster a synergisitic and supportive business community by encouraging a mindset of "one in, all in" as opposed to a "what's in it for me" attitude. In other words, we appreciate local businesses who simply support the group by being a financial member and know that there is a group of talented people driving programs and activities to support the broader picture of economic growth and development in the town.

    "Help us strengthen the local business environment by being a TBEG member and allowing our committee to get on with new initiatives that help us drive revenues into all our businesses" - Michael Harper, Chairman TBEG 2018 

    We work very closely with the Temora Shire Council  as a section 355 committee and ensure we are jointly pushing towards outcomes that benefit our town, our businesses and ultimately underpin the life we like to lead here in Temora.

    In saying that we simply want your financial support, we also believe a TBEG membership does provide exceptional value and tangible benefits for members also.

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