Temora High School and Beyond

POSTED July 12th AT 11:23am

TBEG welcomed Sheree Elwin from Temora High School to a recent Beers n Business meeting.

Sheree talked about the fantastic THS and Beyond program, where ex-students share their stories of where they are now and how their education at THS and living in Temora helped shape their lives. “So many people from this town have gone on to do great things,” Mrs Elwin said, and the program gives a platform for these people to inspire and encourage others.

Now in its fifth year, THS and Beyond has been very well received, and Mrs Elwin said it was hoped to now build on the program, extending it further into the community. She invited TBEG’s input, noting that vibrant business and education sectors complement each other.

“Its all about celebrating the Temora community; we hear about how success is measured in different ways, with the common theme of a connection to THS and being passionate about what you do.”

TBEG Chairman Michael Harper praised the program, believing it ties in with a strong business community and that it would be on TBEG’s agenda to consider how it could get more involved.

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