Private Short Stay Accommodation Workshop

POSTED March 6th AT 1:34am

A workshop to discuss what is involved in providing private short term accommodation for visitors to Temora Shire in peak demand periods.

TBEG is facilitating the workshop, prompted by the expected shortfall in existing accommodation with the huge influx of visitors to Warbirds Downunder 2018, in October.  Warbirds 2018 organiser, Temora Aviation Museum, is expecting up to 25,000 people to attend the two days of flying, with many of the visitors anticipated to be in the Shire for additional days also.

TBEG is keen to keep as many visitors in town for as long as possible, especially knowing that the average overnight visitor in regional NSW spends approx. $153/night/visitor. 

TBEG Chairman Michael Harper said “This is a great opportunity for locals to support our town and provide a great experience for visitors, and even make some money on the side."
“The workshop will outline and recommend existing online platforms for accommodation provision, however it will be up to interested residents to follow through independently with any arrangements.”

It is TBEG's hope that not only will we be able to capitalize on the opportunity associated with Warbirds Downunder 2018, but we can establish the ability for us to engage with the community and be able to easily switch additional accommodation supply on and off quite easily during busy periods in our calendar.

here are numerous platforms that now make it very easy to promote a private listing, receive bookings and payments all in a safe and secure online environment. This workshop will briefly explore the options and encourage locals to take next steps should they be keen to take things further.

Please note: TBEG will not be involved in coordinating accommodation or liasing with providers. This is purely an information evening designed to inform and encourage locals on how we can fulfill temporary accommodation needs during peak demand periods.

The workshop is on Tuesday, March 13th, from 5.30pm at the Bundawarrah Centre.

People can register interest via facebook @


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