Power Play @ Aviation Museum

POSTED December 13th AT 4:19am

Please join us at the


TBEG PowerPlay/
Da Vinci Machines Exhibition launch
- exclusive to TBEG members


Thursday, August 31st, 2017
Temora Aviation Museum
6pm - 8pm 


Two great events in one! 
Temora Aviation Museum is hosting the next TBEG PowerPlay, where guests will also join in the launch of the fabulous Da Vinci Machines Exhibition. Enjoy an exclusive preview and join in the excitement of this much anticipated exhibition.
Da Vinci Machines Exhibition is an award-winning international touring exhibition that showcases 60 iconic machines and inventions inspired by Leonardo’s drawings.
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The PowerPlay event includes regular features of host address, ‘5 in 10’ member business presentations and ‘hot opportunities.’
Register at tbeg@temora.nsw.gov.au or 0428 737 537
by 28th August.
No cost; includes light refreshments.


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